PUSH FOLDArtistic Director | Samuel Hobbs | Portland, Oregon USA
push/FOLD dancers Smauel Hobbs and Ashley Morton pose in an intimate circle wearing linen shirts and a jean dress at Tempos Circus Studio in Portland, Oregon | Photography: Gregory Bartning


As a 501c3 non-profit arts organization, push/FOLD runs on the passionate support of those who believe in the power of combining movement, art, and education. Our donors, sponsors, volunteers, and supporters, enable push/FOLD to develop original new works, mentor and support professional artists, produce the Union PDX festival, and bring our educational programing to your students and community.

push/FOLD welcomes in-kind sponsorships and partnerships in many areas of our organization.

For more information and ways in which you can start a sponsorship and deepen your relationship with us, please contact holly@pushfold.org.

Become a Sponsor & Donate

Become a sponsor of our programs, performances, and dance in Portland. Your support with push/FOLD ripples far beyond the stage and goes directly into the community:

  • Theatre Productions

    push/FOLD productions are all produced by Artistic Director and Composer-Choreographer, Samuel Hobbs. For all events we host, we rent local venues, and contract local dancers, photographers, videographers, costume designers, and technical professionals.

  • Performer Compensation

    A major portion of our funding goes directly to the performing artists and dancers we work with. Dancers receive competitive performance stipends, tour stipends and per diem, rehearsal pay, and compensation for their non-performance work during a production. Dancers also have sponsored access to free manual therapy each month by Movement Bodywork® and Be Well Holistic Health.

  • Union PDX - Festival of Contemporary Dance

    Union PDX provides professional artists with career development training and workshops, masterclasses, tangible professional resources and documentation of their work, and networking and performance opportunities at prominent venues.

  • Education

    push/FOLD provides workshops, masterclasses, and presentations to communities, organizations, training programs, and professional artists and teachers; providing much needed information and understanding for healthful movement practices from student to professional.

  • Touring

    push/FOLD travels locally, nationally, and internationally to perform at festivals, conferences and community events. push/FOLD pays all artists and professionals involved in each.

  • Professional Mentorships

    Samuel Hobbs of push/FOLD mentors professional and young artists in choreography, project development, leadership, and grant writing. All mentorships, guidance, and support are free for the participating artists.


In‑Kind Support

The success of push/FOLD's programming is credit to the in‑kind support we receive from our community partners, sponsors, volunteers, and our administrative and artistic staff. We welcome in-kind sponsorships and partnerships in many areas of our organization.

Examples of In‑Kind Support
  • Host a fundraiser!
  • Restaurant & Catering Partnerships
  • Hosting Union PDX festival artists
  • Hotel and Travel Support (airline miles, etc)
  • Join our board or become a consultant
  • Offer your services as a partner
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Advocate for your company to sponsor our work
  • Invite your friends to accompany you to our next show
  • Become an usher
  • Share our newsletters

** Let us know how you like to provide in-kind support! **

Contact Us

Sponsors & Partners

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Herbert A. Templeton Foundation

Bill & Wendy Whitsell
Union PDX - Festival Sponsor
Carolen Hope & Steve Lyford
Union PDX - Festival Artist Hosts
David Feinstein
Company Friend
Mary & Don Blair
Company Friend
Chrissy Grooms
Company Friend

Our Supporters

as of January, 2022
    Katie Ahrens Justin & Dena Alvernaz Kristen Aramthanapon Vivek Bellore Lisa Bergstrom Buchmiller Dessa Bingley Kathy Bixel Mary & Don Blair Mary Grunthaner & Sheri Blank Burns Jessica Boldt Vincent Bono Bryony Bowman Leslie Braverman Linda Burk Lin Casteel-Butler & Rob Butler Jeffrey Catanzaro Ishbel & Brian Cavaleri Rebecca Chadd Nicholas Christopher Graham Cole John Cox Jeremy Davis-Turak Saskia Dresler Michele Ducharme Debra & Jim Dunn Carol Ehlen David Feinstein Kimberly Finn Frayne Fowler Matt Fraver Linda Freedman Colleen Genuine Laraine Gladstone Andy Goodman Chrissy Grooms Kathryn Harden Lucia Prats-Harrington & Bruce Harrington Lynda Harrington Hannah Hobbs Lucas Hobbs William Hobbs Kristen & Dan Holligan Tahni Holt Jennifer Hooper Jan Hurst Ashley Jemes Brian Jennings Sharon & Alan Jones Bev & Bob Jozwiak Kirby Jozwiak-Bain Merilee Karr Robert Kravitz Michael Lange Scott Lewis Sitara Lones Mandee & Tony Louie Anonymous Carol Manchester Erin Matthiessen Sheyla Mattos Lauren May Alice & Hal McCartor Joseph McLaughlin Jocelyn Miller Georgina Miltenberger Holly Shaw Dorothy Moore Becky and Brad Moore Jim Morgan Michael Moylan Franco Nieto Eric Nordstrom Tracy O'Hagan Sharon Oberst Mary Oslund Michelle and Joe Prats Kaleen Pruitt Kathleen Pyko Dean Richardson Ellie Rose Sumi Yourtee & Wayne Rowe Anonymous Kate Rurik Jackie Sacks Lori Saito Adam Salazar Hailey Schademan Elizabeth Sevi Laurel & Nic Sferazza Janet Shaw Jesse Shaw Kara Shuster Margaret Skenderian Jan Stott Darryl Thomas Nancy & George Thorn Colette Tornow John Tracy Jeff Tuyay Elizabeth Watson Bill & Wendy Whitsell Edward Winslow Anne Youngs Jingzi Zhao
Gregory Bartning | Dancers: Samuel Hobbs, Ashley Morton
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