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Become a sponsor of our programs, performances, and dance in Portland. Your gift directly supports our dancers, educational and Union PDX festival programming, and ongoing operational expenses. Thank you! Donate Today &
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push/FOLD is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Board of Directors

  • Samuel Hobbs — push/FOLD
  • Holly Shaw — Elevated Movement
  • James T. Dunn — The Barnett Firm LLC

Join Our Team

Ongoing support for push/FOLD is an endeavor best done together.

We are actively seeking partnerships with those looking to collaborate, in addition to hiring for current projects:

Costume Designers, Videographers, Photographers, Sound Engineers, and Musicians Interested in In-Kind support?

Donate your time and expertise towards the continuing successes of bringing professional level dance to communities in, and around, the Greater Northwest. Reach Out and Connect


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