PUSH FOLDArtistic Director | Samuel Hobbs | Portland, Oregon USA
push/FOLD's artistic director Samuel Hobbs creates intricate shapes with their legs and arms wearing a purple linen dress at Cobalt Studios in Portland, Oregon | Photography: Jingzi Zhao

Samuel Hobbs

Artistic Director, Composer‑Choreographer

Samuel Hobbs is a mixed-Latinx, multidisciplinary artist in Dance, Art, Film, and Music and is the Artistic Director for the Portland-based dance company push/FOLD and the Union PDX - Festival of Contemporary Dance. Known for their unique athletic style, abstract storytelling, and evocative sound scores, Samuel began composing music and choreographing professionally in 2014, creating twelve significant works, self-producing four evening-length productions, and co-producing four others in that time. Samuel teaches masterclasses and workshops nationally and internationally at universities, dance companies, and schools, setting work on various Portland artists and companies, notably Polaris Dance Theatre and Oregon Ballet Theatre. 2021 marked Samuel’s international debut for choreography at the Dancing on the Edge Festival in Vancouver, BC, and the International Festival of Contemporary Dance in Mexico City, Mexico.

Samuel has performed nationally and internationally Street, West African, Ballet, Non-traditional Partnering, and Contemporary Dance since 2005, teaching nationally and internationally dance and partnering since 2008. Samuel’s performance career includes performances at two World Expositions, leading roles in Classical Ballet productions, and performances with Lauren Edson, Éowyn Barrett, Rainbow Dance Theatre, Minh Tran & Co., and BodyVox. Before dance, Samuel was a university track athlete studying Math and Computer Science at the University of Oregon. After experiencing contemporary dance in 2004, Samuel switched majors to The Arts, studying Music, Illustration, Sculpture, and Dance; graduating from Western Oregon University in 2007.

After a series of career-threatening injuries between 2008 and 2010, Samuel created the Visceral Movement Theory™ (VMT) technique that fuses their background in athletics and dance, incorporating their Osteopathic training in visceral biomechanics. After restoring their body, Samuel returned to professional dance in 2012. To center Dance, Art, and movement education around concepts of Strength, Power, and Identity, Samuel founded push/FOLD in 2016. Career longevity and the healthy expression of Power in movement are fundamental to Samuel’s educational focus, Art, and movement technique—Visceral Movement Theory. VMT is the movement-partnering language of push/FOLD.

Outside of dance, Samuel works with the public as a Manual Therapist in their private practice Movement Bodywork®, and mentors emerging choreographers in production and artistic development.

Visit Samuel's private practice, Movement Bodywork®

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Samuel Hobbs

Artistic Director, Composer‑Choreographer

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Jingzi Zhao | Artistic Director: Samuel Hobbs
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