PUSH FOLDArtistic Director | Samuel Hobbs | Portland, Oregon USA
push/FOLD dancers Liane Burns, Briley Jozwiak, Ashley Morton, and Holly Shaw lean out in athletic dark blue leotards for 'Ash' at Cobalt Studios in Portland, Oregon | Photography: Jingzi Zhao


Power & Movement

Based in Portland, Oregon, performing nationally and internationally, push/FOLD is the vision of the multidisciplinary artist and composer-choreographer Samuel Hobbs. Known for its signature style of athletic dance performance coupled with abstract storytelling, immersive moodscapes, and original sound compositions, push/FOLD’s body of work explores deeply rooted sensations of identity, relationships, and the natural world; seeking transcendence through communion with artists and audiences.

push/FOLD’s signature movement-partnering style is grounded in Visceral Movement Theory™ (VMT). VMT fuses elements of athletics and dance with visceral biomechanics to enhance the physical expression of power in all forms of movement and performance.

Working with professional artists, athletes, training programs, and schools, push/FOLD’s programs and productions package education with performance. The company's mission— to develop community power through arts and movement education, support, and advocacy—seeks to address systemic issues around equity, access, and opportunity through education, mentorship, dialogue, and leadership. To further its mission, in 2019, push/FOLD launched the annual Union PDX - Festival of Contemporary Dance, commissioning artists world-wide from any style to teach and perform in Oregon. The Union PDX festival provides a unique platform within the Pacific Northwest to elevate professional artists by decreasing barriers to access and opportunity, provide resources and education specific to mid-career artists, and expand the available artistic voices in the community.

push/FOLD has been presented by On the Boards (Seattle), (a)Merging (Portland), Pacific Dance Makers (Portland), Ten Tiny Dances (Beaverton), Seattle International Dance Festival (Seattle), and the renowned Dancing on the Edge Festival (Vancouver, BC) and FIDCDMX (Mexico City, Mexico). push/FOLD’s programming includes masterclasses, workshops, presentations, student outreach and engagement, dance-for-films, virtual and evening-length dance productions, and artist-talks, serving over 1600 audience members, students, and artists annually.

As a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit arts organization based in Portland, Oregon, push/FOLD collaborates with foundations, presenters, arts organizations, artists, and teachers to create innovative performances and educational programs that inspire and transform audiences.

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Samuel Hobbs

Artistic Director, Composer‑Choreographer

Holly Shaw

Managing Director, Performer

Briley Jozwiak

Rehearsal Director, Performer

Ashley Morton

Assoc. Artistic Production, Performer

Maile Crowder





Board Members

  • Hailey Bill

    Fisher Investments
  • Samuel Hobbs

    Follow My Thoughts LLC, Movement Bodywork®
  • Erin O'Shaughnessy

    Criminal Information Services
  • Holly Shaw

    Elevated Movement LLC

Board Council

  • James T. Dunn

    The Barnett Firm LLC, Rotary Club, PHAME
  • George Thorn

    Arts Action Research
Jingzi Zhao | Dancers: Liane Burns, Briley Jozwiak, Ashley Morton, Holly Shaw
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