PUSH FOLDArtistic Director | Samuel Hobbs | Portland, Oregon USA
push/FOLD dancers Liane Burns, Briley Jozwiak, Ashley Morton, and Holly Shaw lean out in athletic dark blue leotards for 'Ash' at Cobalt Studios in Portland, Oregon | Photography: Jingzi Zhao


Power & Movement

push/FOLD is the vision of multidisciplinary artist and composer-choreographer Samuel Hobbs, founded in 2016 as a performance-focused arts organization. Immersive moodscapes, abstract storytelling, and athletic dance performance set to original sound, set, and lighting design are the hallmarks of push/FOLD's body of work. The backbone of push/FOLD's athletic style is Samuel's Visceral Movement Theory™ (VMT) technique which fuses elements of athletics and dance with training in visceral biomechanics and Osteopathic therapy. VMT reframes the expression of athlete and dancer biomechanics based on current movement research, resulting in increased career longevity and power and efficiency in movement.

As a community-oriented organization with the mission of developing community power through arts and movement education, support, and advocacy, push/FOLD's programs include masterclasses, workshops, presentations, student programming, dance-for-film, virtual and evening-length dance productions, artist-talks, and the Union PDX - Festival of Contemporary Dance, established in 2019. push/FOLD performs through regional festivals and self-produced performances; setting work on various professional artists and companies, including Portland's Polaris Dance Theatre (2019), and Oregon Ballet Theatre's main company (2023) and OBT2 (2020-21). In 2021 push/FOLD made our international debut at the renowned Dancing on the Edge Festival in Vancouver, BC and at the FIDCDMX festival in Mexico City, Mexico.

push/FOLD is a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit arts organization based in Portland, Oregon.

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Samuel Hobbs

Artistic Director, Composer‑Choreographer

Holly Shaw

Managing Director, Performer

Ashley Morton

Projects Director, Performer

Briley Jozwiak

Engagements Manager, Performer

Molly Rea



Board Members

  • Hailey Bill

    Fisher Investments
  • Samuel Hobbs

    Follow My Thoughts LLC, Movement Bodywork®
  • Holly Shaw

    Elevated Movement LLC

Board Council

  • James T. Dunn

    The Barnett Firm LLC, Rotary Club, PHAME
  • George Thorn

    Arts Action Research
Jingzi Zhao | Dancers: Liane Burns, Briley Jozwiak, Ashley Morton, Holly Shaw
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