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Featuring the vision of composer-choreographer Samuel Hobbs, this in-the-round and evening-length performance crafts an immersive and palpable world of creation and destruction—a true vision of humanity.

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'Dark Wings'

"Do not fight the dream of these songbirds and the dark wings that have come, for they are the whispers that keep me and I am warm."


Along the edge of ourselves, within the deep drone of falling, we find solitude. Our choice: “forward,” or “back.”


The conversation between a Crow and mankind—a gift—a solemn reflection of our existence.


A duet entwined as ripples atop our memory fade.

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Board of Directors

  • Samuel Hobbs — push/FOLD
  • Holly Shaw — Elevated Movement
  • James T. Dunn — The Barnett Firm LLC


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