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Visceral Movement Theory™

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Workshops and masterclasses, ranging from advanced student to professional level, expand on the foundations of ballet technique, martial arts, and athletics. We introduce the importance of our organs to the application of power in movement, and through athletic phrase-work and partnering, participants learn to articulate for the persistence of momentum and the translation into momentum-based choreography and dynamic partnering.

Partnering classes engage and challenge all dancers, regardless of partnering experience (moderate to professional level). Class movement is geared towards the generation of power within momentum, and teach to healthful methods of dance and utility.

Dancers should expect floor-work, mid to high level movement, and working with partners of varied genders and sizes.

All classes are tailored specifically for desired skill-set focus, age, and experience.

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push/FOLD is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Board of Directors

  • Samuel Hobbs — push/FOLD
  • Holly Shaw — Elevated Movement
  • James T. Dunn — The Barnett Firm LLC


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